BIM Data Automation

BIM Launcher worked with ArcDox, a leading BIM consultancy based in Ireland to help them deliver a procedure for verifying the presence of required data in a BIM. Using a combination of the Uniclass classifications and Level of Development in the NBS BIM Toolkit to check data against for compliance; BIM Launcher provided a custom application with with Predictable project costs including delivery time and pricing.


Overview of workflow (Click to expand)


BIM Launcher worked with ArcDox to help them establish a workflow as well as design and implement a custom integration between the Flux and NBS platforms for the project. 

As an official Flux development partner, BIM Launcher could use their experience and their strong relationship with the Flux development team to ensure technical delivery was to ArcDox specification.

Integration configuration screenshot accessible from BIM Launcher platform

Integration configuration screenshot accessible from BIM Launcher platform


Within 15 days of carrying out the initial consultation process, BIM Launcher delivered the integration according to brief specification on the BIM Launcher platform as a service so that ArcDox could use their new custom integration without delay.

“’s a pleasure working with John. He is able to assimilate our needs and very quickly develop the brief and development programme. We like his agile approach where he delivers useful and working elements of bigger projects, so that we can see progress and make adjustments if necessary, and not have to wait until the end of a project before we can review or comment. He is not afraid to explore new or different tools or techniques, and most importantly, he delivers what he sets out to do…”
— Ralph Montague - ArcDox director