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The BIM Portal: A unified BIM project system

VolkerFitzpatrick (VFL), a leading engineering and construction company based in UK had a unique business goal to achieve BIM Level 2 status for BIM data management which would incur significant capex and opex investment. BIMLauncher delivered a custom platform that reduced spend on BIM platforms and staff training whilst increasing staff project productivity.

By bridging a connection between BIM platforms, legacy systems and project common data environments, BIMLauncher could provide a uniform access point with a set of tools for non technical users to edit, upload, request and access data that increased the productivity for teams involved with BIM procurement

I truly believe what I saw today was similar to the feeling people had when they first saw the iPhone
— Ben Porter, Project manager, VolkerFitzpatrick

The platform reduced the training overheads and time to access project data by providing team access to multiple projects with a simplified user Interface that were compatible with staff devices. This model afforded a significant reduction in the spend on underlying software platforms and time saved by staff each day the platform was used.

The platform implementation allowed for growth and could accommodate unforeseen business goals and new technology advancements. Overall, this complemented their company strategy and were in safe hands with a leading partner in BIM solutions and service support for the platform.

BIMLauncher Augmented Reality app for interactive view of BIM

BIMLauncher Augmented Reality app for interactive view of BIM

I could instantly relate to how this system would benefit our business, and in particular how it could enable us to improve our communication and provide us with the ability to accurately foresee into the future and visualize it
— Rick Kopec, Senior Project Manager, VolkerFitzpatrick