Empowering architects, engineers and contractors, we are building the future of construction using advanced integration technology.

We are the only Forge systems integration partner in Ireland and UK.

We support over 60 applications that work to design the future of construction.

How we can help you




Hoare Lea: design process AUTOMATION

BIM Launcher is an easy to-use system for non-technical users that builds valid project configurations with a 90% reduction in design engineering time.

Benefits included a reduction in the repetition of design team tasks, time to design feedback resulting in a precise solution delivery. Proven to save project time and costs.




Arcdox: Data Automation

BIM Launcher creates an integration between the design authoring tool and a database platform to enable checks from the design tool against the data in the database.

BIM Launcher delivers efficiencies within 15 days of establishing a brief, reducing error and saving staff time copying data between platforms.




VOlKERFITZPATRICK: the bim portal

BIM launcher connects project platforms so users can share a single view of the project data via one platform. 

By unifying data sources on one simple-to-use project platform, BIM Launcher increases team productivity, the efficiency of data management and saves projects overhead costs.

Five reasons we make a great partner

  1. Support for 60+ Applications

  2. Billed on a monthly basis

  3. No upfront developer costs

  4. Simple and reliable

  5. Official #1Forge integrations partner