We deliver automation solutions between construction platforms to improve project cost, data errors and time.

We will work with you to design and implement your solution to ensure you get the results your project requires.
— John Egan, Founder and Director at BIM Launcher

How we can help you




Hoare Lea: design process AUTOMATION

BIM Launcher created an easy to-use system that guided non-technical users through the process of creating valid project configurations with 90% reduction in design engineering time.

Benefits included reduction in repetition of design team tasks, time to design feedback for a precise solution delivery.




Arcdox: Data Automation

BIM Launcher created an integration between the design authoring tool and a database platform to enable checks from the design tool against the data in the database.

BIM Launcher delivered efficiencies within 15 days of establishing a brief, reducing error and saving staff time copying data between platforms.




VOlKERFITZPATRICK: the bim portal

BIM launcher connected project platforms so users could share a single view of project data from one platform. 

By unifying data sources into one simple to use project platform, BIM Launcher increased team productivity by increasing the efficiency of data management and saved the project money on staff overheads as a result.


BIM Launcher platform

Four reasons we make great partners:

  1. Industry experience and knowledge.

  2. Experienced team of software developers.

  3. Expertise with integration design, development and implementation, machine learning and cloud technologies.

  4. Our technology partners are your technology partners